About Us


The Organization

Founded in 2016 by a team of extremely focused and dedicated professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, Paradise Telecom provides all Network level services that address the intricate and complex business needs of its clients. Through an extraordinary combination of specialized technical skills and functional expertise, Paradise Telecom is architecting robust and versatile solutions that today's global marketplace craves. Paradise Telecom delivers cost-effective quality end-to-end solutions in multiple verticals and technologies enabling our clients to remain competitive and creating overall value for their businesses and customers.

What makes us unique?
  • Paradise Telecom has extensive experience in providing Network consulting, network development, maintenance and deployment services, network management and assessment solutions, network Solutions as well as setting up extended data Centers.
  • With our unique delivery models our clients have been able to leverage captive like development center at no capital cost.
  • Through our controlled processes we are able to execute highly technical projects within scope, on time, and within budget.


  • We built our company around a process that delivers creative solutions that solve your problems every time.
  • By making our service affordable to individuals and companies.
  • Open to new ideas by letting any outside provider contribute to the development of our network.
  • Open to everyone by providing free technical support to make our customers feel comfortable with our services.
  • Reaching the Paradise Telecom vision of plug-and-play communications means changing the dynamics among people, applications, and the foundational network to achieve a context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualized. The key concept for our vision is the fit-for-purpose network. Paradise telecom delivers some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant ROI.
  • Network Deliverables: Network planning, designing, implementation, migration from one location to other along with network support. In network support we are also dealing in providing solution for existing problems in network which is part of our consultant services .In network designing we are in position to deliver all kind of networks such as Internet leased line, Point to Point line, VPN, MPLS etc.

Business Differentiators:

  • Robust Dual Backhaul Connectivity
  • Experienced NOC
  • Experienced field team
  • Sturdy and Secure Network Infrastructure
  • Path Redundancy
  • Link delivery within 8-10 days
  • Cost effective, No hidden charges

Services Highlights:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring system in Auto Mode
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • End-to-end delivery
  • Network Planning, Design, Implementation Support
  • Network Consulting
  • Assured Upload and Download
  • Link monitoring and timely updates

Delivery Mechanism:

  • Business Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Network Architecture & Config Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Seamless Deployment


Think Internet. Think Paradise.


To provide quality networking services with plug and play option that exceed the expectations of our clients to help them achieve their business goals.



To be the leading networks provider in its markets, providing all network solutions under one roof.